Pinterest: The Hottest Social Media Shopping Catalog Marketplace

Do you have a good book that you recommend reading or advice on health and nutrition that you want to share? Do you like exchanging recipes, decorating ideas, a great destination or certain products that you love with your friends and family?

For years notebooks, small bulletin boards and vision boards were used as a tool to compile various ideas that inspired you to create, decorate, and buy certain products or services. Today, along comes Pinterest. Pinterest is an online social media shopping catalog that is the hottest social media connection surpassing the growth rate of Twitter, Facebook and Google+. To get started, you will need to be invited by a friend who is already a member of Pinterest or request an invite from the Pinterest site.

When you sign up for Pinterest, a few pin boards are created for you to begin with. Pin Boards are created by users who find Do-It-Yourself projects, recipes, favorite destinations, fashion ideas, arts and crafts, and overall things that you love to share with other users. At anytime you can create and add customized boards. By clicking on the “Add +” option, a Pinterest dialogue window will pop up and give you the option to add a pin or to create a new board.

Visitors can share this information using a “Pin It” button that is added to the bookmark bar of their browser. To get this bookmark bar widget, you will need to have your browser’s bookmark tool bar showing. When you come to a page that shows an image of an item you want to share on one of your Pin Boards, a list of available images will pop up and give you the opportunity to choose which image or video you want to pin. You can also repin, like or comment on another person’s pin. Pinterest is the hottest social media medium used as a tool to begin a different conversation in a visually stimulating way!

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